Top Training Party 20 June 2024

20 Jun-2024 (BST)

Inanna Studio, Released to ticket holders. N15, London, United Kingdom

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Top Training Party 20 June 2024 - Overview

Join us for an evening of peer learning - a priceless four and a half hours of training, coaching and practising your skills in a safe and consensual setting. Attendance is only £50 and our next training party will be 6.30pm-11pm on Thursday 20 June in London N15. Trainers at this party are Host Goddess Cleo, along with Katharina Amara who is visiting from Belgium, and qualified/trained therapist and Safe Guarder Veronica Viper. Each of these trainers specialise in a wide selection of activities, and you will be sent a list to choose from once you have signed up.

Please ensure you understand all the details for what this workshop event is about, as there are no refunds. If you require more information, please email [email protected]

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