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Features you can expect from Lybertine

Let's go through some breathtaking features that can boost your event business

Secure Ticketing System:

Enjoy peace of mind with our secure ticketing system, ensuring safe and reliable transactions.


Inclusive Platform for Alternative Entertainment Events:

Break the norms and explore a wide range of unique and alternative entertainment events.


Community Building Tools:

Foster connections and build your community with our integrated tools designed to engage and interact.


Easy Event Creation and Management:

Streamline your event planning process with easy creation, management, and real-time updates.


Real-time Analytics for Ticket Sales:

Stay informed with real-time analytics and insights to track your ticket sales effectively.


Word-of-Mouth Influencer Marketing Integration:

Amplify your event's reach with our integrated influencer marketing features.


Customisable Event Pages:

Make your event stand out with customisable event pages that reflect your brand and event theme.


Integrated Messaging System:

Facilitate seamless communication with our integrated messaging system, enabling direct interactions.


One-on-One Messaging and Video Capabilities (Coming Soon):

Look forward to enhanced interaction with our upcoming feature that allows direct messaging and video capabilities.


 Customer Push Notifications:

Keep your attendees updated and engaged with real-time push notifications.


Built-In Forums for Group Discussions:

Foster community engagement and discussion with our built-in forum features.


Social Media Sharing Options:

Increase visibility and reach with easy social media sharing options.


Mobile App for Convenient Access:

Enjoy the convenience of managing and accessing events on-the-go with our mobile application. 

Affiliate marketing


Pricing under your control!


Boost your sales by offering payment and rewards to influencers promoting your events using a unique link. The pricing is controlled by the organiser, allowing you to set either a fixed fee or a percentage of ticket value per ticket sold allowing you to tap into new communities and build your team of affiliates.


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