Finding your safe space: three-element journey (online)

18+ event

28 May-2024 (BST)

Zoom, Zoom link will be sent to the participants 24 hours before the event. , London,

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Finding your safe space: three-element journey (online) - Overview

Join us for a guided three-part journey where you will reconnect with your sensual body, find your inner peace, and access your safe space.

You will be guided through grounding practices that will help you tune in with yourself, to ask yourself a question: "How am I, really?"

You will learn tools you can use on your own to help yourself find inner peace and readily access your safe place.

And you will enjoy energy balancing and chakra empowerment through cleansing, beautiful energy work.

Workshop plan

Part one

Opening circle

Grounding and tuning in with yourself with Tantric and sensuality practices

Part two

Practical tools you can use on your own to help yourself feel safe in your skin when you need it

Somatic practices and an easy Kundalini yoga kriya

Part three

Guided Reiki meditation for relaxation, energy balancing and to promote further healing

Closing circle.

This workshop was created specifically to help you check in with yourself, open up your own safe and delicious "me time", and give yourself the nurturing you need.

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring your water bottle. Bringing a journal for self-reflections and notes can be useful.

This is a workshop for those who are looking to reconnect with their body, learn how to self-regulate their nervous system and support their healing from trauma that's being stored in their body, and destress. (It is not a substitute for therapy. Please seek out professional help if you need it to process trauma.)

Your facilitator

Inna Goncharenko is a sexual empowerment coach.

A certified sexpert, Loveologist ®, Reiki Master Teacher, Kundalini yoga teacher, and circle facilitator, Inna creates experiences that combine holistic energetic empowerment with deep self-reflections and practical knowledge.

She is the founder of the Secret Sauce Angel, where we help people liberate themselves sexually and empower them to build authentic meaningful relationships, and enjoy pleasure on their own terms.

Her workshops are enchanting, safe and intimate sanctuaries for people who want to explore intimacy and enrich their relationships with themselves and their partners.

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