Passing Fancies - Bloodlust

18+ event

10 Feb-2024 (BST)

Private Mansion, Marylebone, Address provided with payment confirmation , London, United Kingdom

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Passing Fancies - Bloodlust - Overview

Hi everybody and welcome to 2024!  

Valentine's day can be so dull and commercial so we decided that instead of an overpriced dinner in a crowded restaurant followed by missionary and an apology, we will have unholy debauchery 😈

The theme is bloodlust - don't worry that doesn't mean there will be actual blood (although maybe some fake blood could be kinda fun in a way I don't really know how to explain?) 

I am thinking fangs, capes, red leather and a visceral lust that makes the blood boil - plus we can really go to town on the Impact play - I believe Charlotte @theredheadrosa will even be doing a little show... 🍑👋

Check out the moodboard for costume inspo - as always outfits mandatory but if you cant hit the theme (red, bloodlust etc) then play party clothes are also good - leather, latex, lingerie you know the drill. 

Expect around 130 guests, more girls than boys, age range 21 - 35, open bar / free cloakroom, fully equipped dungeon + dom / dommes, body painting, lots of fun toys laid out to play with, epic DJs 9pm - 3am. 

Also huge welcome to Charlotte mentioned above ^^ who will be helping run PF with me from now on 😀 

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