Physical Alchemy & Manifesting - Spring Workshop Series Week 2

18+ event

04 May-2024 (BST)

Siobhan Davies Studios, 85 St George's Rd, London SE1 6ER, UK SE1 6ER, london, United Kingdom

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Physical Alchemy & Manifesting - Spring Workshop Series Week 2 - Overview

In this workshop we will cover the foundations of building a sacred space for ourselves, psychosomatic connections between the brain & the body, and the ancient tradition of using movement to alchemise energy in ceremony;

Helping you realise your wildest dreams.



Six stand-alone workshops exploring the foundational elements of Holistic Movement.

Are you interested in my work but don’t know where to start? I am hosting six individual 2 hour workshops covering the foundational themes I use in my coaching & practices.

Drop in and out as you please and get a taste for what it means to utilise Holistic Methodologies to bring desired energy into your life, embody a more authentic version of yourself & reconnect with ancestral intuition & knowledge surrounding movement and the body.

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