RAW: Listening Night - Uncensored Storytelling And Live Music

18+ event

14 Jun-2024 (BST)

The Ministry, 79-81 Borough Rd, London SE1 1DN, UK SE1 1DN, London, United Kingdom

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RAW: Listening Night - Uncensored Storytelling And Live Music - Overview

The cure for the common disconnect is stepping into summer with a microfestival turned house party to celebrate 2 years of discovering our shared humanity. Borne from one woman’s itch for collecting stories and speaking to strangers, RAW is a first-of-its-kind event, and London's first listening night.

Described as 'one of the best nights in London', RAW listening nights blend culture, connection and cool in some of London’s hottest venues. Centred around uncensored storytelling by everyday people, paired with live music and art, June's theme of STRANGERS takes forging genuine human connection up a few notches. 

And, like any good house party, guests are entitled to one free welcome drink on the night, sponsored by Planteray RumTerms and Conditions apply 🍹


  • DJ Set 🎧
  • Live music 🥁
  • Food pop-up 🍴
  • Pop up Market ✨
  • House Party Games 🎯
  • Uncensored Storytelling 🎤
  • And more to be announced soon

*All components and timings of RAW are subject to change

Keep an eye on our Instagram for more details 😏

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Every RAW centres around uncensored storytelling by everyday people, paired with live music and art – curated around a chosen theme. Taking over a different slick venue every time, RAWs adapt to the space and can be intimate affairs of 100 people, to a microfestival of 350 people – with food pop ups, makers’ markets, screenings etc. Why the theme? IIt filters the spectrum of human experience, bringing into focus our shared humanity.

RAWs are about as ‘London’ as it gets:

  • Diverse – no two RAWs are ever the same, and the crowd is as patchwork as the city
  • Dynamic – we plug into, and platform the many subcultures and tribes of London
  • Plugged in – from members’ clubs to the hottest venues, RAWs give access to the best spots in town
  • Entertaining – because why can’t the revolution be a bloody good time?
  • Unapologetic – we want to make a difference and a dent



We are all strangers, until we’re not – especially in a setting like a house party, where new connections can form over the most random things. For June, we're giving human connection the house party treatment, with a takeover of the Ministry that creates opportunities for serendipitous meetings. 

It's going to be a late one, with the usual curated RAW line-up of uncensored stories by everyday people. Whether they be faceless, or nameless, we'll hear how an openness, or apprehension to strangers has made a difference to each of our speakers. The house party will continue until closing time, when, hopefully, we can all head home with a few more strangers we can now call 'friends'.



RAWs are nights that feed your soul, not drain your bank account. Think of it as an honesty system, with tickets ‘from free’, and further tiers of ‘Pay-what-you-can’. The highest priced tickets offset our free tickets, and make sure RAW is a vibrant event where everyone can find belonging, regardless of circumstances.

We ask that you select the ticket tier that’s within your means. Remember, releasing free tickets to RAWs is a form of revolution for us - not an indication of something thrown together. RAWs are highly curated and tailored to the host space. We are completely independent and boot-strapped to preserve the intention and integrity of the event. So every pound makes a difference.


RAW started life among inner circles & word of mouth. An “if you know you know” sorta vibe, before going public. But the backstory of this unique event goes back even further, stemming from WDN founder, Christine's insatiable curiosity and search for relatable, human experiences. 

Today, RAWs have come off the streets and away from kitchen tables – and take place monthly in some of the coolest venues across the city, building a patchwork tribe of good humans, doing good things. Find out how you can join the WDN community here

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