Sensual self-touch: a mindful body & vulv3 exploration

18+ event

28 Apr-2024 (BST)

Soma hŌṃe (N16), Studio 2 & 4, 231 Stoke Newington Church St, London N16 9HP, Royaume-Uni N16 9HP, London,

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Sensual self-touch: a mindful body & vulv3 exploration - Overview

Feel the powerful collective experience of breaking through the shame and taboo of female pleasure. In this sensual guided full-body and genit@l self-touch workshop for all people with vulv3s, you will go on a journey of defining, exploring, and expanding your self-pleasure experience. 

Do you want to form a deeper connection with your body? Have you been wanting to add some new mindful techniques in your solo-pleasure repertoire? Are you willing to see what empowerment can do for your wellbeing? 

Whether you want to expand your practice, reconnect with your body, work through some blocks, experience a powerful sisterhood moment or anything in between, this is your place and you are all welcome.

In this 2-hour container, with around 20 gorgeous people with vulv3s, you will be invited to explore alone, while together - combining exercises for introspection as well as connection. You will be guided through a powerful journey filled with tools, practices, and techniques to incorporate to your unique pleasure toolbox. With safety, consent, and privacy at the core of this workshop, we will ensure you are as comfortable as possible - where everything is an invitation and not an obligation. 


What this isn’t: 

  • An 0rgy/s3x party 
  • Org@sm-focused 
  • Performance-based
  • Perfection-oriented 
  • “Should”-focused 
  • Shame-based 


Introducing your facilitators, Oli Lipski and Valentine Bordet, two sensual embodiment practitioners who are passionate about pleasure and connection. 

Oli Lipski (she/her), also known as The Queer Sensualist, is a Sensual Intimacy Coach who specialises in supporting individuals and couples who are struggling with their sex or love lives. She guides them through queer sex-ed, pleasure practices, and somatic embodiment tools to help them create more fulfilling relationships with themselves and others. 

Valentine Bordet (she/her), is a somatic sexologist and a queer feminist activist. She is the founder of Self-Pleasure Club,  a creative grassroots collective on a mission to empower people to boldly explore their PLEASURE. She believes in creating a safer, braver, and more powerful space to connect to our unique needs and desires, to share experiences and resources and smash societal taboo. 


What we will prepare:

  • Kimono 
  • Yoga mat
  • Lube
  • Mirrors 
  • Snacks


What you need to prepare:

  • Bring a towel to lie on
  • Your own sex toys if you want


Set up of the room:

  • Fully private studio
  • We will be laying down in a circle, facing outward 
  • A chillout room if you need a rest and want to step outside of the circle 
  • Invitation to be nude, everyone will be provided a kimono for privacy 



  • Respect people’s space - No touching of other people
  • Respect people’s privacy - No looking at each other’s genitals
  • Respecting your own boundaries - choosing is more important than doing 
  • Respecting your own consent - taking a sacred pause 
  • Respecting your own desires - listen to your unique body’s wants and needs, your practice is personal  
  • Respecting each other’s journeys - pleasure is the measure, 0rgasm is not the goal
  • We will add and amend in the workshop 

If you have any questions email [email protected]


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