The Feeling Body & Ancestral Intuition - Spring Workshop Series Week 4

18+ event

19 May-2024 (BST)

Siobhan Davies Studios, 85 St George's Rd, London SE1 6ER, UK SE1 6ER, london, United Kingdom

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The Feeling Body & Ancestral Intuition - Spring Workshop Series Week 4 - Overview

What does it mean to feel into the body & listen to your intuition?

Ever had a feeling about a person plan place but you just couldn't place why?

Oftentimes we carry generational wisdom within our body. Getting to know what our intuition sounds like helps us honour that voice & allows it to grow stronger.

This Workshop looks at the use of sinking INTO the body.

Dropping into feeling & just listening. Opening ourselves up as a channel to ancient wisdom.


Six stand-alone workshops exploring the foundational elements of Holistic Movement.

Are you interested in my work but don’t know where to start? I am hosting six individual 2 hour workshops covering the foundational themes I use in my coaching & practices.

Drop in and out as you please and get a taste for what it means to utilise Holistic Methodologies to bring desired energy into your life, embody a more authentic version of yourself & reconnect with ancestral intuition & knowledge surrounding movement and the body.

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Your facilitator:

Hi! I'm Nicole!

I am a Multifaceted Creative and Holistic Movement Coach based in East London. I love building things with my hands, laughing with my whole body, and creating a safe, loving space for all my clients and students.
Roots in Spiritual Practices
Growing up, I was influenced by both of my family's spiritual backgrounds. My mother's side, Afro-Dominican with Arawak ancestry, instilled in me the importance of honing intuition and passed down generations-old practices for self-healing and guiding others.

Contrastingly, my father's side centred their beliefs around parapsychology, philosophy, and mysticism through the ancient Greek and Egyptian cultures. This unique combination, in addition to the development of my own holistic practice, has provided me with a solid foundation in holistic healing, somatic movement and ecstatic living.
Professional Performance Journey
My professional dance & acting journey has been diverse and exciting. I have had the privilege of working as a supporting lead on productions that have made their way to Amazon & Netlix. Along with jobs for Vodaphone and Spotify as a lead dancer, touring internationally with leading Afro and Latin artists, and teaching classes in commercial Latin/Reggaeton, commercial, hip hop, and flow.
Holistic Approach
Over time, I have integrated the use of flow and mindful connection to the body and spirit during my classes and workshops. By tapping into traditional aspects of my heritage, I bring intuition-driven sessions to connect with my students on a deeper level.

I believe the holistic space should be for all people, no matter their background - this is a fundamental part of my coaching.

If you feel you'd like to have a small chat before coming to any of my workshops I invite you to book a free discovery call so we can get to know eachother a bit better:

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