23 Jan 2023 14:28

Creating Effective Meta Descriptions for Event posts: Tips and Best Practices

What a meta description is, general information, best tips for creating a good meta description, and examples of good and bad meta descriptions for event organisers using Lybertine:

19 Jan 2023 23:46

Event Cost Tracking Table

Keep track of your event expenses with our comprehensive Event Budget Planner. It includes all major expense categories, sub-categories, and space to input estimated and actual costs, helping you to stay on budget and ensure a successful event.

19 Jan 2023 14:30

Party Planning Pro: Your Ultimate Event Organiser Checklist

Here is an extensive list of steps to create your perfect event with minimal hassle, stress or complications.

16 Jan 2023 20:02

The do's and do Not's for using Meta Keywords

What are Meta Keywords and what is best to use when adding the right tags

16 Jan 2023 19:16

Creating Effective Meta Titles for Event creators

Tips, Best Practices, and Technical Limitations

12 Jan 2023 20:59

Tips and Tricks for a Successful Event: How to Master Event Planning and Promotion in the UK

a comprehensive guide on planning and promoting a successful event in the UK. It covers key topics such as defining your target audience, choosing the right location and date, utilising social media and online ticketing platforms, getting creative with event marketing, and following up with attendees.